What is doxphinx

doxphinx consists of a theme and some extensions for the Sphinx documentation system, plus a set of conventions to create a documentation project.

The doxphinx project itself is part of the phy GNU/Linux operating system project where it provides a common documentation infrastructure. However, doxphinx can be independently used for any other documentation needs in other projects.


The goal of the doxphinx project is to provide a mechanism for creating simple but visually appealing documentation, both in HTML and PDF formats, using a common source of text files.

The resulting documentation can be published on a website, in a format both readable from a desktop computer or from a mobile device. Also, the documentation created with doxphinx can be easily and automatically transformed into a PDF book supporting chapters, secccions and subsections as well as book parts.

This tool is oriented for technical people who are interested in having a nice documentation for their projects but are not interested in complicated and fancy designs and colors. The level of customization available in doxphinx should be enough to personalize the final documentation without spending hours tweaking the theme.


The doxphinx theme started out as a derivative work from the bizstyle theme provided with the Sphinx tool, but has evolved independently. Also, the Sphinx extension sphinxcontrib-fulltoc has been adapted to customize the left sidebar of the theme.

And, of course, when you are using doxphinx you are, indeed, using the Sphinx documentation system.