Doxphinx documentation

Getting started

doxphinx is a theme for the Sphinx documentation system. The purpose of doxphinx is to provide a single mechanism to generate the documentation of a project, both in HTML and PDF formats, from a common source.

This common source of documentation consists of a set of text files written in the reStructuredText markup language along with a set of conventions for writing and organizing the different files. The Sphinx tool can be used with these files to automatically generate a HTML website or a PDF book, both from the same single documentation source.


This very site uses doxphinx!

How to use

In order to use doxphinx to document any project, just install it using:

pip install doxphinx

Then create a directory for the documentation files and using the Sphinx tool:


Initialize that directory as a Sphinx project and then configure the file there created to use doxphinx. And you are ready to build the documentation using doxphinx.

See The doxphinx Handbook to learn how to use doxphinx in your documentation project.

At this point you can focus on the actual documentation work for your project. Whenever the documentation is ready to be published or updated, use Sphinx to format again the HTML website or the PDF book from the documentation source files.


The doxphinx project is in STABLE status.

Doxphinx is used for actual documentation purposes. See, for example, sites like:

Getting updates

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Get new releases at PyPI and follow the development on GitHub


For version 1 of doxphinx the main goals are:

  • to provide a Sphinx theme capable of:

    • building a documentation website

    • building a PDF book

  • to provide related Sphinx extensions along with the Sphinx theme

  • to distribute the theme and extensions as a PyPI package for easy installation

Future versions will:

  • support multiple languages

  • provide some other extensions